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Shine Leather Conditioner & Protector is a high quality water based semi liquid emulsion that is designed to clean, protect and add that extra shine for a fantastic look.


Use this product whenever you require an extremely smooth, glossy finish on your leather, vinyl, or plastic furniture, car & boat interiors.

Contains no silicons.


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Shine - Leather Conditioner & Protector

Shine - Leather Conditioner & Protector

Price: $16.00
Size Available: 250ml

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Product Details

Shine is a must if you like an extra high sheen on your leather furniture or your car, boat and caravan interiors. Shine Leather Conditioner works equally well on leather, vinyl & plastic surfaces & provides a long lasting shine.


Suitable For: Use on car leather interiors, boat leather and vinyl seats, aeroplane leather interiors, certain leather clothing, handbags, wallets, leather furniture, caravan leather interiors to name a few.

Note: Not suitable for suede, nubuck or other water-absorbing leather.


Trust me guys, you will love the brilliant looking shine that this product leaves behind. Easy to use, water based, no harmful chemicals, this is absolutely everything you could ask for.


—Siobhan, Newcastle


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