leather furniture cleaning kit

Leather Furniture Cleaning & Care Kit

Cleaning your leather couch, lounge & furniture has never been easier!

Keeping the leather surface of your expensive furniture clean from dirt and oil helps prevent color staining and cracking, thus prolonging its life.

New Life Leather Furniture Cleaning & Care Kit is a one-stop solution for all your leather furniture cleaning requirements. Our unique water-based formulations are soft on hands but hard on stains. It contains all the products you need to clean, protect & guard your expensive furniture against day-to-day wear & tear. Infact, this product is so versatile that you can use it to clean virtually any surface, be it the leather seats in your car, vinyl surfaces in your boat and even handbags & wallets.

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How to clean your leather Couch

Cleaning those tough stains from your leather couch or furniture is now as easy as wiping a table top. Simply follow the instructions below:

Before you start:

  • Identify the type of leather. A simple test is to use a drop of water on the leather. If the water goes in and dampens the leather the leather type is aniline, semi aniline or nubuck leather. If the water sits on top of the leather, this would be protected leather. Not all products are suitable for different types of leather so read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before application.
  • Check lounge  for worn sections (these should be cleaned lightly)
  • Concentrate on cleaning the cushion and the arms areas.
  • Let the cleaner do the work, avoid scrubbing hard with excessive force.
  • Dust or vacuum areas to be cleaned. Pay attention to the back of the lounge and back of arms that will have a dust build up . Make sure it’s dust free before you start.
  • Fill up a bucket with warm water. This will be used to rinse the sponge and cloth during cleaning.
  • Cleaning should be done every season change (four times a year). This will keep your leather clean and protected to ensure a long life.
  • Don’t use soap or detergents to clean leather. They tend to dry the leather surface causing wear and cracks.

Using New Life Leather Furniture Care Kit

This kit includes the following products:

  • Leather Strong Cleaner – Safe to use on protected leather, aniline leather and semi aniline, oil pull-up leather and waxed leathers.
  • Leather Protection Cream – Safe to use on protected leathers & semi aniline leathers .
  • Microfiber Eraser Sponge – Only use on protected leathers
  • Polish White Cloth – For application of protection cream

STEP 1 :

Take the sponge and cloth (Microfiber cloth) and rinse in the warm water, squeezing excess water out .

Step 2: 

Take the Newlife leather strong cleaner and spray the back cushions (one at a time). Working section by section is recommended .

Step 3:

Take the sponge or cloth (if leather is not too dirty) and clean in an even circular motion. Once you have cleaned, take a damp cloth and wipe clean. Remember this sometimes needs to be repeated on areas with heavy dirt.

Step 4:

Do the same with all other parts of the lounge starting with, in order:

  • Back cushions
  • Arms
  • Base cushions
  • Lower front panels
  • Sides of lounge
  • Back of lounge


Let the surface dry before applying Newlife Leather Protection Cream. Take the white cloth and apply the protection cream to it, massage in an even circular motion. Let dry then buff to finish.