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Leather Cleaning & Leather Treatment


Our experts have over 20 years experience in treating leather goods from residential to commercial types of issues. With the powerful range of New Life products, we can treat leather that has been damaged from dirt, grease, markers, jeans, and much much more.


New Life Services can provide a range of services that will provide leather treatments to protect damage from biro ink, prevent the transfer of colour from the leather, and the soiling of leather from dirt and oils. This treatment is useful for cars, boats and furniture.


With a little time and attention on a regular basis, the life span of leather on furniture is greatly increased. We provide professional advice on the appropriate type and frequency of treatment. Using our specialists will save you time and money. You will get the right advice and delay the need for replacing your furniture. Call us on 0403 197 219 now to discuss your needs in leather cleaning and treatment.


leather cleaning sydney

Removing Blue Jeans Transfer

Here we use CTR – Colour Transfer Remover and Leather Strong Cleaner to get rid of the common blue jeans stain from a white leather car seat.


leather lounge cleaning

Leather Lounge Cleaning

Another example of how the Leather Strong Cleaner  can transform a dirty leather lounge into a near new one.

Leather Repair & Leather Recolouring – Car, Boats & Furniture

Our specialists take the hassle out of leather repairs. Deterioration in leather occurs naturally over time as it dries and cracks. This process is much quicker if the leather is not cared for. Accidental cuts and scratches also occur. Small or large repairs are no problem and depending on the level of existing damage some smaller repairs can be undertaken on-site.

Please contact one of our experts at New Life Services for some professional advice. If you are after a change or are simply redecorating and your furniture colour no longer fits with your new colour scheme New Life Services can change the colour of your leather furniture without the need of replacing it. This saves you time and costs.

Call us on 0403 197 219 now to discuss your needs in leather repair & recolouring.

Vinyl & Plastics Repairs, Re-colouring & Welding

Vinyl (PVC) is a type of plastic that can either be hard and rigid or soft and flexible. New Life Services have a range of treatments that save you time and money by allowing you to repair, alter or extend the life of vinyl.

New Life Services provide softening products that allow for ongoing care of vinyl to extend the life of your vinyl product and avoid it going brittle over time. New Life Services can weld holes or tears in your furniture with vinyl that matches the original furniture.

If you are after a change or simply redecorating and your vinyl colour no longer fits with your new colour scheme then New Life Services can also change the colour of your vinyl or change the surface finish from matt to gloss or gloss to matt. If you would like to discuss you own needs then please call New Life Services on 0403 197 219 to talk to one of our specialists.

vinyl repairs

Boat Interior Vinyl Repair

plastic repairs

1960s Ferrari Door Restoration

Car Carpet Repairs & Heelmat Replacements


New Life Services specialists are experts in carpet repairs in cars. A tear, cigarette burn, stain or faded carpet can be expertly repaired to make the result appear nearly new. New Life Services can make a tired looking vehicle look newer and more cared for, increasing its value. Even heelmats can be easily repaired or replaced by our experts.

Leather Steering Wheel Repairs


New Life Services believe that properly fitted steering wheel covers ensure you maintain your grip and do not lose your steering control while driving. This is an important safety matter. We can repair and restore your existing leather steering wheel covers so they look fresh and new and are safely and securely fitted to the steering wheel.

Car Deodorizing


Unpleasant odours can come from any number of sources including cigarettes, pet urine, dampness from spillages or vomit from travel sickness. New Life Services can safely and effectively remove these unpleasant odours in cars by using products that leave your car feeling fresh.

Car Plastic Welding


The specialists at New Life Services are capable of welding plastics. Damage caused by stress, or sunlight can be welded and bumpers that have been damaged in accidents can be restored. This welding service is especially useful when car parts are hard to come by, may take a long time to arrive, or are expensive to replace. If you think plastic welding will benefit please feel free to give the specialists at New Life Services a call on 0403 197 219.

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