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Leather Strong Cleaner by New Life is by far the best leather cleaning product available in Australian market.

This cleaner is absolutely the easiest and most versatile leather cleaner to use & will give you brilliant results every time you are due to clean your leather furniture, car/boat/caravan leather interiors, shoes, handbags and the list goes on. If you are cleaning your car, boat or caravan, you can use this product for cleaning leather, vinyl, plastic and even carpet.

All you will need to get results like the professionals is this cleaner, our microfibre cleaning sponge and a clean damp, cloth to finish off.

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Leather Couch Cleaner

Leather Strong Cleaner (200 ml Bottle)

Price: $15.50
Size Available: 200ml

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Leather Strong Cleaner

Leather Strong Cleaner (500 ml Spray Bottle)

Price: $28.00
Sizes Available: 500ml

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Product Details

On a more technical note, leather strong cleaner is a ph-neutral water based cleaner designed to lift and dissolve the dirt so you can just wipe it away. It’s literally that easy, it’s just like cleaning your bench top!


Suitable For: This product is suitable for cleaning leather furniture, car/boat/caravan leather interiors, hand bags, leather jackets and wallets. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • General cleaning and maintenance
  • Cleaning built up dirt in creases of leather
  • Cleaning mould off leather
  • Cleaning fresh ink and dye transfer off leather
  • Cleaning grease and vomit stains

Note: Not suitable for suede , nubuck or other water-absorbing leather.


This cleaner is absolutely the easiest leather cleaner to use. If your cleaning your car it’s great for cleaning leather,vinyl, plastic and even carpet. I was quite surprised by its effectiveness, for I had never even heard of this brand before. But I was amazed, cleaning tough leather stains with this product is literally like wiping the benchtop. Totally recommended.

—John, Parramatta

How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Just one of the many applications of our Leather Strong Cleaner

What if we told you that cleaning those tough stains from your leather car seat or boat upholstery would be as easy as wiping a table top. You will probably not believe us!

But it’s true, if you don’t believe our words watch the video listed here. Cleaning leather car seats with our leather strong cleaner is literally a 3 step quick  job as listed below:

Step 1: Spray Leather Strong Cleaner onto surface to clean

Step 2: Use a Microfibre sponge or cloth (wet but rinse excess water out) and clean in even circular cleaning motion

Step 3: Dry with lightly damp Microfibre cloth


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