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Colour Transfer Remover is a lifesaver for leather. This miracle leather stain remover has the ability to draw even the toughest stains out without damaging the topcoat on the leather. Its ideal for removing tough ink and dye stains from your car interiors, boat seats or white couch. Colour Transfer Remover works in more than 80 percent of stains.

All you will need to get results like the professionals is to treat the stain with Colour Transfer Remover followed by our Strong Leather Cleaner to remove any residue of stain. To achieve the best results, Leather Protector should be applied.

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Colour Transfer Remover

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Size Available: 250ml

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Product Details

Colour transfer remover is ideal for removing dye based stains such as blue jean transfer, ink, lipstick, shoe polish and newspaper print stains etc.

Note: Colour Transfer Remover (CTR) might not be able to remove some very old pen & ink stains where the colour has deeply penetrated into leather. For best results, use CTR in combination with our leather strong cleaner and then guard with one of our leather protectors to prevent future damages.


Suitable For: This product is suitable for cleaning leather furniture, car seats, aeroplane leather seats, boat leather seats, certain handbags, shoes & wallets. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Removing fresh pen & ink stains
  • Removing clothing or fabric dye transfer on light coloured leather
  • Removing newspaper print transfer from leather

Note: Not suitable for suede, nubuck or other water-absorbing leather.


This cleaner is absolutely the easiest leather cleaner to use. If your cleaning your car it’s great for cleaning leather,vinyl, plastic and even carpet. I was quite surprised by its effectiveness, for I had never even heard of this brand before. But I was amazed, cleaning tough leather stains with this product is literally like wiping the benchtop. Totally recommended.

—John, Parramatta

How to remove ink stains, pen marks & colour stains from your leather couch

Just one of the many applications of our versatile Colour Transfer Remover

Cleaning those ink, pen & colour stains from your leather couch, car seat or boat upholstery is so easy with our Colour Transfer Remover that you will probably not believe us! But it’s true, cleaning those stains off your expensive leather couch is just a 5 minute job. Just follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Test on small area
Step 2: Take a white cloth pour a small amount of colour transfer remover
Step 3: Apply to pen/dye stain
Step 4: Do not rub (follow product instructions)
Step 5: Dry and repeat if necessary
Step 6: Clean any residue with our leather strong cleaner
Step 7: For best results, treat with our leather protector after application


Blue Jeans Stain

Cleaned with Colour Transfer Remover

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