Is Your White Lounge Giving You Cleaning Nightmares?

Cleaning your white leather couch, car interiors & boat seats is now as easy wiping a benchtop!!

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Looking for leather cleaning products? Well you are at the right place if any of these problems sound familiar:

  • How to remove ink stains from my white leather lounge
  • How to remove grease stains from my leather car seats
  • How to get rid of mould on leather couch
  • How do I remove ink stains or pen marks from leather sofa
  • How to clean my leather boat seats
  • How to clean stains off my car leather interiors
  • How to remove mildew from my leather lounge
  • How to remove lipstick marks from my white leather bag

Cleaning leather of any kind is not hard at all when you have the right products at your finger tips. Choose New Life Leather Cleaning Products & Experience the Difference!


High Quality Leather Cleaning Products by New Life

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Multipurpose Leather Cleaning & Care Kit

Multipurpose Leather Cleaning & Care Kit is a one-stop solution for all your leather cleaning requirements, whether it is leather furniture, car/boat/caravan leather interiors, shoes, handbags and the list goes on. Infact, if you are cleaning your car, boat or caravan, you can also use this kit for cleaning vinyl & even plastic. The Leather Cleaning & Care Kit includes the following products:

  • 250 ml Leather Strong cleaner – Specialised Cleaner for removing tough stains from leather
  • 250 ml Leather Protection CreamPerfect for ongoing maintenance & protection of your precious investments
  • 1 Microfibre sponge – State-of-the-art cleaning sponges that make cleaning a breeze
  • 1 White clothWipe stains off with ease

Price: $50.00

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Leather Strong Cleaner

Gentle Ph neutral, water-based cleaner for leather.
Price: $15.50(200 ml), $28.00 (500 ml)
Sizes Available: 200ml, 500ml
Suitable For: General cleaning and maintenance, cleaning built up dirt in creases of leather, cleaning mould off leather, cleaning fresh ink and dye stains, cleaning grease and vomit stains.
Not Suitable for: Suede, Nubuck or water-absorbing leather.

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Colour Transfer Remover

Removes tough pigment and dye stains from leather.
Price: $16.00
Sizes Available: 250ml
Suitable For: Removing pen ink stains, clothing or fabric dye transfer, newspaper print transfer from leather furniture, car and boat leather seats, certain handbags, shoes ,wallets etc.
Not Suitable for: Suede, Nubuck or water-absorbing leather.

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Why Choose New Life Leather Cleaning Products

This cleaner is absolutely the easiest leather cleaner to use. If your cleaning your car it’s great for cleaning leather,vinyl, plastic and even carpet. I was quite surprised by its effectiveness, for I had never even heard of this brand before. But I was amazed, cleaning tough leather stains with this product is literally like wiping the benchtop. Totally recommended.

—John, Parramatta

There are 100s of websites out there which will tell you that natural cleaners are the best as they have no chemicals and work great but probably you tried them and after hours of work realised that they don’t work. What if we told you that cleaning these tough stains from your leather furniture, couch, car seat or boat upholstery would be as easy as wiping a table top.

You will probably not believe us! But it’s true, if you don’t believe our words try watching a few videos below. To top it up, all our leather cleaning products are water based, so they are softer on hands and safe for your family.

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There used to be a time when you had to hire a leather cleaning professional to get that show room clean finish on your leather lounge. But Not Any More! Now with our innovative leather cleaning product range all your lounge cleaning and protection needs can be satisfied DIY.

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