How to clean your leather lounge

How to clean your leather lounge

There used to be a time when you had to hire a leather cleaning professional to get that show room clean finish on your leather lounge. But Not Any More!

Now with our innovative leather cleaning product range all your lounge cleaning and protection needs can be satisfied DIY.

Our leather cleaning products will help you clean & maintain your leather lounges with little effort just the way the professionals do.

Our customers often ask us why do I need to clean and maintain leather? Isn’t leather the most durable product? No doubt it is, but there are some very important reasons why periodic cleaning & maintenance is important. Over the years leather has changed from a stiff & tough product to a soft feeling comfortable product. But the result is that leather now needs a little more care and protection.Leather is a durable product that will last for many years when maintained with care.

If leather is not cleaned on a periodic basis, the build up of perspiration slowly wears the coloured surface away. As a result cracking will occur.

So when you look at your lounges and they appear to get a shiny and glossy film, you should know that it’s the build up of dirt on the leather & its time to clean it up. Leather should always look to a matt sheen.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Clean leather every season change
  • Followed by application of leather protection cream
  • We recommend leather and vinyl barrier for light coloured leather and Ink Stop Protector for that ultimate invisible barrier to stop the kids drawing on your lovely lounge.
  • If you have light coloured leather and colour from clothing, throw rugs or cushionsĀ on your lounge, don’t panic, just use our colour transfer remover. It’s a brilliant product that will remove colour transfer with ease.

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