How to clean your car interiors

How to clean your car interiors

Today when you buy a vehicle with leather trim, you are actually not getting a full leather interior. A lot of manufacturers put leather only on the face of the seats, the rest of the car is made up of high grade vinyl or imitation leather. Some examples of where imitation leather is often used:

  • Door trim inserts
  • Sides and back of the seats
  • Tops of the rear seat
  • Console lid

This leads to a problem when cleaning with traditional leather cleaners. Traditional leather cleaners only work well on leather they don’t work well on imitation leather & vinyl. To counter this issue, we produced an innovative product that cleans and conditions not only leather & imitation leather but also vinyl & plastics. Yes, it’s true!

Strong cleaner multipurpose is a unique cleaner with the right ingredients so its gentle on leather but strong enough to clean imitation leather and vinyl. It’s uses are versatile & will clean your entire car interiors from door-trims, upholstery, dash, carpets, mats, leather seats to name a few.

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our Multipurpose Strong Cleaner:

“Great to have a cleaner that works”
“It’s so easy just spray and wipe it off”
“Wow it even takes the blue staining from light coloured leather”
“I’ve tried everything to get sun cream finger prints off, this stuff works so easy”

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