How to clean your boat interiors

How to clean your boat interiors

In today’s world, it’s really hard to keep your boat interiors clean from stains and build up of salt & dirt. Some of the most common problems people face when cleaning their boat interiors include:

  • Salt build up stains
  • Colour stains from towels and clothing
  • Sweat and dirt build up
  • Sun cream stains
  • Leaf staining
  • Bait stains
  • & Carpet cleaning issues

But these problems are a thing of the past now. We are confident that with our cleaning products you will be able to bring back that fantastic new look to you boat interiors no matter how big or small your boat is.

Newlife’s Multipurpose Strong Cleaner is a uniquely formulated cleaning product that will keep your boats interior clean like new.¬† It cleans vinyl , leather, plastic as well as carpets & it’s going to save a lot many $$$ as only one bottle is required for all your cleaning requirements!

If you have a luxury boat with leather lounges, vinyl trims and carpets, multipurpose strong cleaner¬† will look after all that with ease. It’s great on vinyl for your small or medium size cruiser. Use with our microfiber cleaning sponge & remove stains and dirt with ease.

A lot of boats have white and light coloured vinyls which look great but get dirty very easily. But don’t you worry, with our multipurpose cleaner its just a matter of spraying and wiping the stains away !

We also have the best Vinyl and Leather Barrier that will protect against all the elements be it salt, sun, dirt or oil. We highly recommend this application of our Vinyl and Leather Barrier after every cleaning cycle.

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our cleaning products:

“OMG! I thought I was going to have to re-trim , they look great after the cleaning ”
“That was so easy to get the dirt and leaf stains of my seats”
“This is great, now I can clean my cruiser leather lounge my self”
“Wow! One cleaner does the lot – carpets, vinyl & leather. Thank you! Saved dollars!

How to clean & protect boat interiors?

Use our Multipurpose Strong cleaner for cleaning stains:

  • Spray on area to be cleaned
  • Use a wet MICROFIBRE sponge or micro fibre cloth
  • Clean in circular cleaning motion
  • Wipe down with a clean damp cloth
  • Repeat to desired result

Use our Leather and vinyl barrier after cleaning for that extra protection:

  • Apply to white cloth and apply to seats in a circular motion
  • Let dry and buff once dried

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