leather furniture cleaning kit

Car Leather Cleaning & Care Kit

Cleaning your leather car seats & interiors has never been easier!

Leather care for your car doesn’t need to be hard work and time consuming!

New Life Car Leather Cleaning & Care Kit is a one-stop solution for all your cleaning requirements. Our unique water-based formulations are soft on hands but hard on stains. It contains all the products you need to clean, protect & guard your beautiful leather interiors against day-to-day wear & tear. Infact, these products are so versatile that you can use them to clean virtually any surface, be it the leather seats in your car, vinyl surfaces or even plastics.

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Cleaning & protecting your car leather interiors

There are many reasons why leather care is so important. General dirt and oils from our skin are very harmful to the leather surface & if not cleaned off over time, these particles act like fine sand paper, wearing the leather away.

Often, medications are released off our bodies through sweat glands which slowly wear down and rot the leather. You would have seen this many times on headrests showing a shiny patch or dark area where the color has worn away. Traces from heart and blood pressure tablets, kidney and liver medications, chemo and cancer drugs and treatments, are often released in sweat and damage the leather surface they come in contact with. Signs of damage to look for are shiny patches that are sticky. Protection & regular maintenance is the only way to help stop this damage.

New Life car leather care kits contain all the products that you need to clean & prevent damage to your beautiful car interiors. Some common applications are listed below:

  • Remove blue jeans colour transfer – Light coloured leather interiors particularly seats are often stained by blue colour transfer from clothing. Fresh stains can easily be cleaned in one application of  Leather Strong Cleaner. Applying Protection Cream after cleaning will prevent staining in future. Both these products are included in the car care kit. For stubborn stains, you can also use our specialised cleaner, Colour Transfer Remover. 
  • Suncream stains on dark leather: White stain residue and suncream fingerprints can easily be cleaned off using our Car Leather Cleaning Kit.
  • General dirt buildup: To clean, use Leather Strong Cleaner and follow up with an application of Protection Cream.