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Presenting the range of revolutionary cleaning products by New Life. Cleaning your Leather Couch, Car Interiors, Boat Seats or Carpet has never been easier!!



New Life Cleaning Products : Use What the Professionals Use!!

With over 10,000 customers and counting, New Life is the perfect choice for your car, boat, caravan or home cleaning requirements! Simply put,  we have the most complete and trusted cleaning products on the market.

Leather Cleaning Products

High quality leather cleaning products to clean & maintain your leather furniture, car seats, boat interiors & even shoes and handbags.

Leather Protectors

Protect and maintain your expensive leather furniture, car & boat seats with New Life’s high quality leather protectors & conditioners

Leather Care Kits

Clean, protect & maintain your expensive furniture & car or boat interiors with New Life’s high quality cleaning & maintenance kits

Carpet Cleaning Products

Innovative & versatile carpet cleaning product that not only cleans carpets but also your leather furniture, vinyl seats & even plastic.

Cleaning Accessories

High quality cleaning accessories to compliment our innovative products. Use our microfiber eraser to wipe away tough stains with ease.

Vinyl Cleaning products

Protect and maintain your expensive vinyl upholstery, car & boat seats with New Life’s high quality vinyl cleaners & protectors.

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Professional Cleaning & Repair Services: Hire the Experts

In addition to our quality cleaning products, we offer a host of professional cleaning and repair services too. For those times when you don’t want to do it yourself!

Leather Cleaning & Leather Treatment

Lounges, Car/Boat/Caravan Interiors, Furniture

Leather Repairs & Leather Recolouring

Couch, Upholstery, Car/Boat/Caravan Interiors

Plastic and Vinyl Repairs & Recolouring

Boat/Cars/Caravan Interiors, Furniture

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Answers to your everyday cleaning problems

How to clean your leather lounge

There used to be a time when you had to hire a leather cleaning professional to get that show room clean finish on your leather lounge. But Not Any More! Now with our innovative leather cleaning product range all your lounge cleaning and protection needs can be satisfied DIY.

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